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This game is awesome! Closest we get to super hexagon in terms of inspired.


how am i supposed to know which way to go? im going the way the path goes but it says its wrong.


Really cool.

Controls were a bit confusing for me. I think there's two reasons for it:

1. the sign "press left, up, right" is not visible enough (and there's nothing in the itch description too)

2.At first, I thought the game was meant to be played with the mouse, because: when I clicked, the game started, and wen I clicked again, it counted as "go left" and the game kept going. So I was like. "okay I'm supposed to click on the left or right side of the line and it didn't work. I had to look on the comment where you explained to get it :')

The game is looking cool, and it's pretty fun. Good work on this ! :) Super challenging too, haha ! I like that.

Any plans for a global leaderboard?


I'm thinking about it. Not sure what to do about cheaters though, because cheating in a JS game is very easy.

Wow this is really fun. On par with super hexagon. A few more song choices would be nice however.

Thanks! I'm always looking for other songs to add. Funky Stars sets a pretty high bar though :-)

Maybe if I understood how to actually play


Press left or right to choose which way the line should go next, from the perspective of the line. For example, when the line is pointing up, left goes left and right goes right. When the line is pointing down, right goes left and left goes right.

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This is my new jam

High Score: 67 sec

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Come on man, you can do better than that. I just did 34 sec on a frigging trackpad.

43 sec

57 sec